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Featuring ANCESTOR Spiritual Oil, Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powders,

Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals, Mojo Bags, Vigil Candles, and Mists!

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Hoodoo Roots brand ANCESTOR

Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powders

can be used in every traditional way.

Many like to blow the powders to all

directions while saying prayers for

the peace and well-being of their an-

cestors, for loving relations, and for

their protection, guidance and bles-

sing You may do this in your home

or at their gravesite.

Crown and radiance


Anoint candles with ANCESTOR

Spiritual Oil. You may choose to

use traditional white candles, or to

offer your kin in spirit another color.

Pale blue has a very peaceful quality

and is calming, pink is warm and

affectionate; there are many fine


possibilities, and the choice is yours, based upon your relationship with your

ancestors. White is always correct. We also really like to burn yellow or orange

candles for our ancestors at times, offering these along with white and golden

flowers. These vibrant shades are very alive and add a quality of joy. You may

also choose to use one of our dressed, blessed ANCESTOR Vigil Candles,

which will come to you already prepared and prayed over, and ready to burn.


Relationships can be improved

If you have had a difficult relationship with one of your family members,

do not overlook the possibility that healing may occur between you even

after their death. We encourage you to do your best to let the bad go, and to

remember the good. Life is very, very beautiful, but it is also very challenging

and often very difficult. Cut your loved ones some slack. Remember that all

grievances should end at the grave. We believe that people can change after

death, and can see events and circumstances from a different perspective.

We wish you, your ancestors, and all of your loved ones the very best.

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Purchase ANCESTOR Traditional Spiritual Supplies

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