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BE GOOD TO ME by Hoodoo Roots

Traditional Spiritual Supplies is

designed to be used in any situation

where an extra measure of kindness,

gentleness, generosity, and under-

standing is desired.

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Anoint pink candles with our BE

GOOD TO ME Conjure Oil and burn

them in your home to encourage kind

and calm behavior.


Wear the Spiritual Sachet Powders

lightly dusted on your body to help to

encourage others to treat you in an ap-

preciative and friendly manner, no

matter where you go.

Crown and radiance

Carry a BE GOOD TO ME Mojo Bag

whenever you need others to exhibit kindness, to show you favor, and to in-

clude you. From romantic situations through friendships and work relation-

ships, use BE GOOD TO ME whenever and wherever a relationship needs to

be made easier and kinder.

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Bathe in BE GOOD TO

ME Spiritual Bath Crystals,

dust yourself with the Spir-

itual Sachet Powders, and

anoint yourself with BE

GOOD TO ME Oil to sur-

round yourself with the

kind, protective vibration

of this helpful formula.



Mojo Bag when entering a

new social environment, a new job, or a new school, to help ease adjustments

and to help make friends.

Difficult marriages may benefit by using this fine formula, as well as our

beautiful MARRIAGE product line. Write Psalm IV on a piece of paper and

lightly dress it with BE GOOD TO ME Oil. Place this in the center of your bed

between your mattress and the box-springs. Place a BE GOOD TO ME

Mojo Bag on top of this. Put a pinch of BE GOOD TO ME Sachet Powders

on each of the for corners of the bed, again between the mattress and the

box-springs. Rinse your linens and nightclothes with BE GOOD TO ME

Spiritual Bath Crystals. Anoint a pink candle with the Spiritual Oil, and burn

this in your bedroom. You may find, as others have before you, that doing so

will help your relationship to gradually become kinder and easier.


If possible, try to prepare a BE GOOD TO ME Spiritual Bath for the person

whose behavior is too harsh. Dust his or her clothing, the inside of their

shoes and socks, and their bedding with this formula. Prepare a sweetening

jar on this individual and burn a pink candle which has been anointed with

BE GOOD TO ME Oil down on top of the jar, or simply use our beautiful

BE GOOD TO ME Devotional Candle. (Continued on Page 2)

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