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While we always encourage cordial

relations between folks, we recognize

that there are some individuals

whose difficult and disrespectful be-

havior can make our lives much more

unpleasant and stressful than is right

or reasonable.

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Hoodoo Roots brand BEND OVER

Traditional Spiritual Supplies are de-

signed to help you to establish dom-

ination and strict control over others,

even if they are in a position of

authority over you. Whenever the

balance of power and control needs

to be tipped in your favor, whenever

someone’s attitude and behavior

need to be corrected and controlled,

whenever you need someone to go

Crown and radiance

along with your desires withoutgiving you any trouble, you will find that our

authentic BEND OVER Conjure Oil, Hoodoo Dusting and Sachet Powders,

Spiritual Bath and Washing Crystals, Mojo Bags, and Vigil Lights can be most


Bend Over Eyes


Write the name of the troublesome individual seven times, one right under

the other in a column, on a piece of a plain brown paper bag which has been

carefully torn or neatly cut into a square.

Turn this paper 90 degrees (one-quarter turn), and write the command of

your choice - perhaps “BEHAVE YOURSELF” or, very pointedly, “DO AS I

SAY” - directly on top of their name. Write this command nine times

in a column, completely covering the column of their names.

Rub Hoodoo Roots brand BEND OVER Oil directly onto their name and

your commands, calling their name out loud firmly as you do so. Tell them

exactly how they are going to behave from now on. Be firm and very pointed.

Let them know in no uncertain terms that YOU are now the boss.


If you have access to their hair, dirt upon which they have left their foot-

print, an unlaundered article of clothing worn close to their body, or other

personal item, place some of this upon the paper you have prepared, along

with a bit of our BEND OVER Conjure Oil or BEND OVER Hoodoo Sachet

Powder. (Continued on Page 2)

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