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Bend-Over label

Fold their paper towards you

(as their desire now is to please you

and to comply with your wishes).

Place a square of purple cloth on the

floor in the westernmost corner of

your room or home. Place a drop of

BEND OVER Conjure Oil on each of

the four corners of the cloth, and

one in the center. Place their folded

name-paper exactly in the center

of the square.

Spirit Mark hidden under stuff

Place a drop of BEND OVER Oil

on each of the corners on a brick,

and one drop in the middle. Do this

on one of the large surfaces of the

brick rather than on the small ends.

Place this brick, oiled side down,

Crown and radiance

right on top of the cloth and their name-paper.

Carve their name into a purple candle, one time in a spiral. Dress the can-

dle with our BEND OVER Oil, pulling it firmly towards you. Place the candle

on top of the brick and burn it down. Allow these items to remain in place if

possible. If necessary, you may burn similarly prepared candles down upon

this brick three times weekly, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. However,

it is our preference to keep a candle continuously burning until you have your

result. If you must take up the items for the sake of privacy, place them to-

gether (cloth/paper/brick) anywhere hidden in the westernmost corner or

against the westernmost wall of your room or home.



Here is an extremely simple Bend-Over spell which has the great advantage

of being instantly and easily performed wherever and whenever you need it to

be done. It only takes a moment to do and requires minimal equipment, yet it

can be remarkably effective, and is a deeply traditional hoodoo technique.


Write the name of the individual who is giving you trouble on a small piece

of paper. Commonly, folks cut or tear a small square from a brown paper bag.

Lower left fern

Rub Hoodoo Roots brand BEND OVER Conjure Oil into the writing as you

call their name aloud. Tell them that from now on they will comply with your

wishes, and behave as you desire and in a courteous and helpful manner, no

matter what. (Continued on Page 3 More Free Magic Bend Over Spell Work)

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