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Be very firm. We recommend to

you our BEND OVER Mojo-t0-Go

Conjure Oil, which is particularly

convenient and easy to slip into your

pocket to carry with you wherever

you go.

Spirit Mark hidden under stuff

Fold the paper towards you and

place it into your left shoe. It is your

choice whether to simply slip it into

your shoe as is, or to lift up the inner

lining and slide it under that.

Crown and radiance

From then on, whenever you have

to speak with that individual, when-

ever they are in your presence, when-

ever you have to pass them in the

hall or have a telephone conversation

with them, tap your left foot firmly. Remember that you are stepping on their

name, which is always intimately linked to them. By stepping on their name,

you are asserting your dominance over them. They will feel this subtly but

surely, and you will see an adjustment in their behavior. You need not keep

this up once their behavior has improved.


We recommend you truly attempt other, non-occult ways of dealing with

difficult poeple prior to the imposition of the level of control which our

BEND OVER products supply. But when you truly need it, our BEND OVER

can’t be beat. Judge your situation with maturity, and use responsibly.


Iron out their bad behavior with Hoodoo Roots brand BEND OVER Spiritual Supplies!

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