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Black Hawk, whose Sauk name

was Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak,

(Black Sparrow Hawk) was a war-

rior and protector of his people,

the Sauk (Asakiwaki). The Sac

(also spelled Sauk) and the Fox

(Mesquaki) are closely related, to

the point that today they are of-

ten considered to be one tribe.

The historical record left behind

includes a moving autobiography,

dictated by Black Hawk to his in-

terpreter, Antoine LeClaire, who

who spoke both Sauk and English.

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Black Hawk, a traditionalist

and outspoken critic of American

relocation policies, led a resistant

band of the Sauk against land-

hungry settlers and a jittery, ag-

gressive militia enforcing illegal

treaties, essentially land swindles.

After many fierce skirmishes,


Black Hawk’s band was slaughtered as they attempted to surrender to militia on

the Eastern banks of the Mississippi River. According to Black Hawk’s written

account, those members of his band who were able to forge the river - many of

whom were women who swam with children on their backs - were pursued and

killed on the opposite shore by a band of Sioux, traditional enemies of the Sauk.

The Bad Ax Massacre took place on August 1, 1832. The site of this infamous

episode in United States history is near present-day Victory, Wisconsin.


The Black Hawk War is terrible history to read. Black Hawk survived the

massacre to surrender at Fort Crawford, his intial band of 1,200 reduced to 150

survivors. Black Hawk led out his life with a heavy heart as he witnessed the

dispossession and distress of his People, and the irrevocable end of a way of life.

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Yet despite the pathos and sorrow of his last years,

Black Hawk remains a constant spirit, close and respon-

sive to those who call upon him, faithful, just, active, and

fiercely protective. One feels his power and willingness

still. He is called upon by many in need of justice and

protection. Black Hawk is particularly invoked during

services of the Spiritual Churches of New Orleans, and

by many others. His fame continues to grow. His is a

Warrior Spirit of Justice and and Protection! He is the

Watchman on the Wall. Bring your troubles to Black Hawk!

He will fight your battles! (Con’t. on Page 2)

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