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Featuring BLACK HAWK Spiritual Oil, Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powders,

Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals, Mojo Bags, Vigil Candles, and Mists!

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We at Hoodoo Roots were hesi-

tant to create a product of this na-

ture, but after thinking about it for

some time, we decided that we had

something genuine and useful to

offer to those who work with the

spirit of Black Hawk.

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This formula contains herbs

and roots traditionally prized by

the Sac and Fox for their protec-

tive and spiritual qualities. As al-

ways, we use no artificially scented

oils whatsoever. We craft our pro-

ducts in time-honored fashion,

using the purest botanicals we are

able to source. Our products are

made with true respect for the

power and innate spiritual medi-

cine of the natural world.

Crown and radiance

It is our belief that you will find

that this product will enhance your work, and that Black Hawk, the warrior

spirit guide, will accept this formula as the offering it is intended to be.

Use Hoodoo Roots BLACK HAWK Spiritual Oil to strengthen your connec-

tion to the spirit, and to feel his vigilant protection and aid. Anoint candles

for your altar with our BLACK HAWK Spiritual Oil.


Prepare a BLACK HAWK Spiritual Bath prior to initiating work with Black

Hawk, and use the Washing Crystals to wipe down your altar and the hard

surfaces in your home, including your floors and doorways. Add Hoodoo

Roots BLACK HAWK Washing Crystals to your laundry rinse cycle as well.

Dust yourself with our finely crafted BLACK

HAWK Spiritual Powders. Cup the Powders

in your hands, say a prayer, and blow them

to all four directions. Carry one of our indi-

vidualized, custom BLACK HAWK Mojo

Bags, which are not pre-made but rather are

crafted for each person specifically. We par-

ticularly advise this when you are confronted

with situations requiring extra protection

and the need for real justice. Carry our

BLACK HAWK products conveniently

in your pocket or bag for continuous access

to this fine, authentic formula.


We believe that you will find that Hoodoo

Roots BLACK HAWK Spiritual Supplies will enhance and complement your

work with BLACK HAWK. We would sincerely appreciate hearing from you

regarding your experiences with Hoodoo Roots BLACK HAWK Traditional

Spiritual Supplies! Please be so kind as to write to us regarding this.

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