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Featuring CAST OFF EVIL Spiritual Condition Oil, Spiritual Sachet and Dusting Powders,

Spiritual Bath and Washing Crystals, Mojo Bags, Vigil Candles, and Mists!

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Hoodoo Roots CAST OFF EVIL

Traditional Spiritual Supplies are

designed to assist those who need

to be freed from the unwholesome

and dangerous clutches of addic-

tions, bad habits, and unsavory

companions. The entire line of

our CAST OFF EVIL products -

our Condition Oil, Spiritual Sachet

Powders, Spiritual Bath Crystals,

custom Mojo Bags, blessed and

dressed Vigil Candles, and Mojo-

to-Go! can be employed as a multi-

layered defense against the forces

of addiction and mismanaged liv-

ing, to help yourself or your loved

one to find their way back to pur-

ity, stability, sobriety, and a wiser,

healthier life.

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CAST OFF EVIL is in the same

formula family as ROAD OPEN-



related to our SPIRITUAL CLEANSING and CLAR-

ITY formula as well as others in our Cleansing and

Freedom Category.

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If you or a loved one have struggled against a spir-

it of affliction in the form of compulsive and dama-

ging behavior or substance abuse, no matter what it

is, whether alcohol or drug misuse, a bad tobacco

habit, an eating disorder, a tendency to form rela-

tionships with those of questionable moral stan-

dards, or some other behavior which is not whole-

some, CAST OFF EVIL is designed to help. We hope

that you will find, as others have before you, that our CAST OFF EVIL formula

will be of assistance to you in releasing yourself or your loved one from what-

ever monkey rides on your - on their - back.

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Whenever striving to overcome bad ha-

bits, inner strength is necessary. One can-

not entirely rely upon an external fix. Our

CAST OFF EVIL products are intended to

help not just in the purging of the bad, but

in helping the individual to strengthen the

flame of God-given spirit burning within,

of courage and determination, so they can

recover cover their independence and will.


We would also like to mention that an ordered routine, nourishing food, suf-

ficient sleep, physical exercise, time spent in nature, and the establishment of

a regular meditative or prayer practice are also building blocks of recovery.

Often nutritional deficiencies co-exist and are exacerbated by substance abuse.

Good vitamin and mineral supplements can help and can have the added ben-

efit of helping the person to be less jittery and nervous.

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