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Additionally, it is our experience

that individuals who tend towards

these types of addictive imbalan-

ces usually find it much easier to

replace one type of compulsive be-

havior with another one, rather

than jettisoning addictive behavior

completely. However, this can be

workable if the bad habit is re-

placed with one which is not dam-



Hoodoo Roots CAST OFF EVIL

Traditional Spiritual Supplies may

be worked with in several ways.

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One way which you may find to

be particularly useful is to add

some of the Spiritual Condition Oil

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to an oil lamp. We suggest that you add

eleven drops. You can also add in herbs

which are traditionally used for purifica-

tion and cleansing, like hyssop or eucalyp-

tus. We grow and harvest both of these

herbs ourselves, in ceremonial fashion,

and use them in our CAST OFF EVIL for-


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Prepare a name-paper for the individual

you are helping, and purposefully rub our

CAST OFF EVIL Oil into their name. Pin

this paper onto the wick, inside the lamp.

Dust an image of the person with CAST

OFF EVIL Spiritual Sachet Powders. Write

the following passage from Psalm 141:4:

“Let not my heart be drawn to what is evil, to take part in wicked deeds with

men who are evildoers; Let me eat not of their delicacies.”

Place their image on top of this written passage, and fold the Psalm around

them. Then place this in your Bible facing the 23rd Psalm. Place the Bible next

to the lamp, along with a clean glass of water. Change the water at least once a

week on Sundays, but change it immediately if it becomes cloudy or contamina-

ted in any way. Pray for the person deeply, asking for their healing, peace, and

sobriety. Humbly request the intercession of the Holy Spirit. Work on this

with prayer every day, and keep your lamp going. Remember that all things are

possible with God. (Continued on Page 3)

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