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Anoint a pale blue and one

orange candle with Hoodoo Roots

CAST OFF EVIL Spiritual Oil.

Place these on top of an image

of the person who you are striving

to help (who could be yourself,

of course!).


Arrange three large white can-

dles dressed in our Hoodoo Roots

brand HEALING Oil in triangular

formation, with the pale blue can-

dle, the orange candle, and the im-

age of the person in the center of

the triangle.

Crown and radiance

Light each of the white candles

in turn, beginning with the candle

on your left. As you light this can-

dle, say aloud: “I light this candle


in the Name of the Father”. Light the candle at

the top or apex of the triangle as you say...”And

of the Son”. Light the candle on the right as you

proclaim, “And of the Holy Spirit.”


Light the pale blue candle next, saying aloud,

“This is John’s peace” (say the person’s name).

Light the orange candle next, saying aloud,

“This candle is Change and Freedom!”. See

strongly the person overcoming their problems.

See them free of compulsions, making good de-

cisions, healthy and sound.


We suggest that you pray over these candles

with intensity for at least half an hour once a day

at the same time. Let them burn for an addition-

al half hour after your prayers. Continue in this way until visible change is

evident in the behavior of the person for whom you are praying.

Anoint the individual with our CAST OFF EVIL Spiritual Condition Oil,

and routinely dust their clothing, their bedding, and their shoes with CAST

OFF EVIL Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powders.


Have the person bathe in a CAST OFF EVIL Spiritual Bath into which you

have also stirred 1/2 cup of holy water. Have them carry a CAST OFF EVIL

Mojo Bag customized for them, if possible, or secrete it under their bed.

Above all, keep praying, keep working, and keep on getting up, even if you

fall down. With the help of God and your ancestors, there is nothing that can-

not be accomplished.

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“Every valley shall be filled in,

every mountain and hill made low.

The crooked roads shall become straight,

the rough ways smooth.” - Luke 3:5

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