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“If you lie down with dogs,

you get up with fleas.” This

truism is oft repeated, but

how can you help a loved one

whose ability to judge the

worthiness of their compan-

ions is obviously impaired?


We suggest that in addi-

tion to sincere prayer, you

perform a spell in which a

candle representing your

loved one is first carved with

their name, then dressed

with CAST OFF EVIL Spiri-

tual Oil. Around this candle,

place twelve white candles,

each anointed with FIERY


First light all of the protec-

Crown and radiance

tive candles, one by one; then light your loved one’s candles in the middle of

the circle of light. As the candles burn, pour a circle of salt in a clockwise dir-

ection around the white candles, seeing them entirely encircled by a fierce and

invincible protection. Pray Psalm 91. See your loved one making intelligent,

free, wise and fruitful choices, having sober, balanced, decent friends, and

being calm and safe, growing in understanding and maturity.


As those candles burn, perform a bottle spell in which you place the names

of the unsavory individuals you are concerned about. Place sharp, cutting

items - broken glass, rusty nails, fresh nettles (be careful!), very hot peppers

and the like - into the jar. Write the name of every person you feel is bad

company on a piece of paper. One by one, rub HOT FOOT Oil into each of

their names, telling each person to go away and stay away in no uncertain

terms. Fold each paper away from you. Place each name into the jar. Cover

with HOT FOOT Powder. Burn white sage around the jar and lid, capturing

some of the smoke in the jar before tightly screwing on the lid. Burn an un-

dressed black candle on either side of the bottle, instructing each to guard

those inside and to not allow there to be any overflow whatsoever of malice

or temptation from the wicked to affect your loved one.


Once the white candles and your loved one’s candles have extinguished,

place the image of your loved one into the Bible, facing Psalm 23, which em-

phasizes following the lead of the Divine Shepherd in safety and security.

Once the black candles have burned down, carry the bottle off of your pro-

perty. Good disposal choices include placing it into a boxcar on a train, put-

ting it into running water, or mailing it to somewhere far from home.

Send the bottle off with strong intent and sharp, final, no-nonsense words.

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