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A CHARISMA Candle Spell

Anoint 12 orange candles with

our CHARISMA Oil and set them

in a circle.

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Select a thirteenth candle which

will represent you. It may be a

color which you particularly relate

to, or you might choose a candle

color based upon your zodiacal

sign. Pink is always appropriate

here, as pink encourages warm

and approving emotions.

Crown and radiance

Carve your name into this candle,

one time, barber-pole fashion.

Anoint it with Hoodoo Roots brand

CHARISMA Oil, drawing it to-

wards you. Add a bit of your saliva

and a light sprinkling of sugar.


We are fond of finishing dressing our

candles by blowing a fine, light dusting

of our Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Pow-

ders onto them as a final step.


Place your personal candle on a saucer

which you have filled with sugar mixed

with a little cinnamon and some ground

cloves. Set this in the middle of the

circle of dressed orange candles.


Light your personal candle first, then light each of the orange candles in turn,

seeing each one as attracting towards you the approving attention and the

support of others. Light the Easternmost orange candle first. Follow by

lighting the remainder of the orange candles in a clockwise fashion. We begin

in the East because that is where the sun rises in all of it’s strength, power,

and new glory!

Allow these candles to burn for one hour while you pray and focus on your

intention. Always see and speak of your goal as having been accomplished

while you work, rather than as something which has yet to occur. Feel the

full emotion of the approval and the desire of others who wish to be close

to you and support you. Viscerally feel that you are, in fact, a star! Repeat

this spell every day or night at the same time for one hour. Do this for seven

days, beginning on a Sunday. You will see a change in your life.


Our CHARISMA products are related to several of our other fine formulas,

all of which enhance one’s influence in subtly different ways. These related

formulas include our beautiful MAGNETIC CHARM, LOOK AT ME, and

GLAMOUR formula lines, as well as HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR.

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