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The magic of La Chuparossa -

the hummingbird- has long been

invoked and relied upon by those

who yearn for love. This beauti-

ful formula can be utilized to draw

to you a a true and lasting love, to

mend a relationship which has re-

sulted in the withdrawal of one

partner, and to enhance the sin-

cerity and tenderness of an exis-

ting relationship.

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Humingbirds have a long his-

tory of use in Mexican love magic.

As we are located in California, we

often have witnessed folks calling

upon these beautiful birds for their

magical abilities. Hummingbirds

figure in the mythology of many

indigenous tribes, wherein their

relationship to love is recognized.

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Historically and even today, it has been a

practice in some cultures to stuff these tiny,

iridescent birds with herbs and other magical

ingredients, to be worn as love amulets with

which to draw The One, or to be carefully se-

creted in a hidden place to exert influence

over the desired individual. Hummingbirds

have been used in love philters cococted with

the intention of infatuating a specific indivi-

dual or drawing back an absent lover to one

who is lovesick and yearning. They have been

used to cure love-sickness altogether, as well

as to keep love vital, tender, deep, and strong.


Here at Hoodoo Roots, we enjoy watching

these beautiful, bejeweled little creatures

glitter and zoom as they visit the feeder

and flowers (some of which we harvest for

use in this formula - many of the blossoms in these products have actually been

touched by the hummingbirds in search of nectar!) just outside our workshop

windows dozens of time per day. Our CHUPARROSA formula contains pure

essential oils and precious botanical absolutes as well as real herbs, roots,

flowers, and minerals to help you draw to yourself your heart’s desire. No hum-

mingbirds were harmed in the making of this all-natural formula.


Our CHUPPAROSA formula - including our Conjure Oil, Spiritual Sachet &

Dusting Powders, Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals, blessed and dressed Vigil

Candles, customized Mojo Bags, and our fun, convenient Mojo-to-Go! - is in

the same family as our LOVE ME, COME TO ME, MARRIAGE, CLEO MAY,

FLAME OF DESIRE, and ROMANCE ME product lines, as well as several

other offerings in our Love and Sex formula category. (Continued on Page 2)

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