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Anoint pink, red, and orange

candles with Hoodoo Roots brand

CHUPARROSA Spiritual Oil, draw-

ing the oil smoothly towards you.

Burn these to draw your love to you.



Dress letters and cards to your

beloved with our beautiful, pure

CHUPARROSA Hoodoo Sachet &

Dusting Powders, applying them

to the front and back of every sur-

face with intention, then lightly tap-

ping off any excess. It is not neces-

sary or desirable to leave more than

the faintest, undiscernable trace of

the Powders. Place a small amount

of powder inside the envelope also,

Crown and radiance

and shake to evenly distriute them, then

simply tap out the excess.


You may add the tiniest bit of your

own saliva or other bodily fluids by wet-

ting your finger and and running it care-

fully around the very edge of the card or

paper. Be very careful not to stain the

paper, and if staining does occur, make

sure that it is even and consistant on

every edge. This will then have the ap-

pearance of being part of the design of a card, which is made of thickish paper.

Bond paper, being thinner, should be handled very carefully so as to avoid

noticeable staining.


After having powdered and added

your own personal touch to your card

or letter, place it under a small saucer.

Fill the saucer with sugar, carve the

name of the one you desire into a pink

candle, and dress the candle with

CHUPARROSA Oil. Nestle it in the

sugar and burn. Place your card or

letter in the envelope, and seal it with

your saliva or other bodily fluids.

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This type of fixed letter can be ex-

tremely effective. At the least, we will

guarantee that the recipient will be

made to think about you on a rather

deep level, and we have seen instances

wherein truly remarkable changes

have occured in a relationship as a re-

sult of a well-dressed love letter.

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