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Hoodoo Roots CLARITY Tradition-

al Spiritual Supplies are designed to

enhance mental clarity and to help

to cut through the fog to get rid of

cloudy thinking and confused, fuzzy

mental static. These products may

be used as a multi-layered approach

to eliminating mental dullness in or-

der to increase keen perception.


Many have found our CLARITY

formula to be most useful, from stu-

dents attempting to master complex

subjects to those who find themselves

having difficulty in understanding

complicated personal affairs, to those

who simply feel that they are less

sharp than feel that they ought to be.

Of course, we are unable to predict

specific results in all cases, but we


are confidant that you may find, as others have

before you, that our CLARITY Spiritual Supplies

can serve to bring in new light and quicker com-

prehension. This traditional hoodoo formula

is in the same family as are our WISDOM pro-

ducts (also known as King Solomon’s Wisdom),

and is also a cousin to our STAR OF SUCCESS

(also known as Crown of Success). CLARITY is

related to several products in our Wisdom and

Money, Career and Success Formula Categories.

formula categories.


Those individuals who have broken free of long-

time substance abuse may also find our CLARITY

formula to be particularly beneficial.

People who are struggling to choose correctly in an important decision

may find their understanding and clarity to be enhanced by this formula as

well. Those who have habitually made any choice which was not in their best

interest, for instance those who have remained with abusive mates long past

the point of safety or wisdom, may find that CLARITY brings crystalline per-

ception and helps to eliminates fretful uncertainty, thus enabling the user to

make positive choices and to initiate necessary changes. CLARITY can be

paired with our CAST OFF EVIL to help eliminate habitual thought-patterns

or self-sabotaging excuses. CLARITY Spiritual Baths and frequent head-

washes are particularly effective. Be sure to wash the nape of your neck.


Dress three candles with Hoodoo Roots brand CLARITY Spiritual Oil. One

candle should be a clear, pale blue; one should be white, and the third should

be a clear, light yellow. Avoid murky fashion shades and stick with true,

vibrant hues. Draw the oil towards you as you anoint, taking care not to oil

the wicks themselves. As you dress these, concentrate on clear-thinking, com-

prehension, the accurate reception of information, and full understanding.

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