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Conjure Powders may also

be sprinkled on the ground so

that those you wish to affect

will step in them. In order to

disguise the powders, you may

need to mix them with local

dirt. Then simply focus your

mind and intention, and sprin-

kle as you walk. We suggest

that you declare your intention

as you sprinkle our hoodoo

Powders, muttering your intent

under your breath as you go.

To draw things in, as in the

case of COME TO ME, step in

a clockwise fashion if circling

an area.

Crown and radiance

Remember that you can also

always blow Spiritual Powders

into a room or other environ-

ment; this disperses the Pow-

ders very finely. You can also blow the Powders out of doors to all directions,

or you may choose to blow them in the direction of the person you wish to in-

fluence. Whenever doing so, you must concentrate on your intention.

How do you do


You may choose to wear our beautiful

COME TO ME Conjure Oil as a personal

scent. Rub some on your hands and run

your hands through your hair to impart

a subtle, magnetic vibration. Use the

Conjure Oil to dress candles and other

objects, as well. Carry our fun, conven-

ient COME TO ME Mojo-to-Go! in your

pocket, so that you always have instant

access to this useful formula. Dress a

customized COME TO ME Mojo Bag

with a few drops of the Conjure Oil to

keep it working strongly and well. Our

Vigil Candles arrive already dressed and

blessed, and are ready for you to burn!


Hoodoo Roots brand COME TO ME is an old, authentic hoodoo formula

which is in the same family as several other product lines in our Love & Sex

Product Category, including LOVE ME, MAGNETIC CHARM, COME TO

BED, MARRIAGE, ERZULIE FREDA, KISS ME!, and several others. Feel

free to combine COME TO ME with other products to customize your work;

for instance, you may combine COME TO ME with MONEY DRAWING and

CLEO MAY to help draw to yourself a prosperous and generous mate.

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Purchase COME TO ME Traditional Spiritual Supplies

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