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New Confusion Label

Our Hoodoo Roots CONFUSION

is an old, very traditional formula

used to meet the occasional need to

distract and confuse one’s opponents,

or to throw situations and circum-

stances into muddled disarray.


In certain situations, including but

not limited to court case conflicts, it

can be of genuine benefit to confuse

those who are gathered against you.

This confusion can manifest in many

ways, from people forgetting the date

of their scheduled appearances, to

critical paperwork being mislaid, to

stories being told which are so con-

fused that their veracity is doubted.

Crown and radiance

Normally we prefer to work for

clarity and justice, but if your situa-

tion is such that those unfairly work-

ing against you have the upper hand,

CONFUSION Spiritual Supplies can

truly help.

Confusing wires

We are also reminded here of accounts of

traditional Native American ball players, whose

teams include experienced traditional conjurers.

These conjurers sit or stand on the sidelines dur-

ing the games, murmuring ancient magical for-

mulas and making magical hand movements as

they call down confusion and failure into the op-

posing team. Of course, as each team has it’s

own conjurer, everyone ends up in a magical as

well as a physical contest. This is a very old prac-

tice which continues today.


Dust paperwork with our CONFUSION

Hoodoo Sachet Powders before sending or

delivering forms, responses, and letters to

your opponents. Blow CONFUSION powders

on their doorstep, under their house if it is

possible, or, if you are able to gain access,

into the four corners of their home. If there

is a fireplace, blow the powders up into the

chimney. Have some CONFUSION Powders

or CONFUSION Conjure Oil on your hand

as you shake your opponent’s hand or touch

their head, arm or shoulder. Think of what

you are doing as you casually touch them,

and confusion will be transferred to them.

Confusing signs
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The herbs and roots used in Hoodoo Roots

brand CONFUSION Spiritual Supplies work together synergistically for you

whenever the need exists to befuddle your opponents and to delay their goals.

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