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Confusion Washing Crystals

Make up a sprinkle using our Hoo-

doo Roots CONFUSION Spiritual

Bath & Washing Crystals. Lightly

sprinkle this around any area where

your opponents gather, especially

where they might speak about any-

thing to do with you or your cause,

to bring to them disarray and bewil-


Crown and radiance

A Confusion Egg Spell

Write their names on a fresh egg

nine times, this way and that, in dis-

orderly fashion. Rub CONFUSION

Oil onto the egg, and instruct it to

bring confusion to them. Throw this

egg either onto their door, over their

roof, or somewhere where they can-

not help but step. Confusion will



A Sneaky Method of Sowing Confusion

If you are unable to enter an environment such as a court room or office

easily before an appearance or a meeting with people whom you wish to con-

fuse, the following method can be most useful.

Egg with names

With intention, grind together tobacco and

black poppy seeds. Your goal will be to have the

tobacco reduce to fine pieces or even dust. Con-

centrate on those you are working on being con-

fused, their paperwork misplaced, their appoint-

ments forgotten, etc.

Hold the mixture in your left hand, and strong-

ly visualize a flame burning in the palm of your

hand. You must do so strongly enough to see the

fire and feel it’s heat.

Cup your hand, bring it to your mouth, and

spit into the mix. Add some Hoodoo Roots brand

CONFUSION Dusting Powders. Add some dirt from the area you live in to

darken the color of the powder and make it less noticable. Stir, concentrating

strongly all the while on their confusion. Place this preparation into a small

paper or plastic bag.


Pick a hole into the bottom of the pocket of the trousers you will wear to

your appearance or meeting. Place the bag in that pocket. When you enter

the room, have your hand in your pocket, bit by bit pouring the mixture

down your pants leg and onto the floor. Move around the room. When the

others step onto this mixture, confusion will result. Be sure to take a Hoodoo

Roots SPIRITUAL CLEANSING bath when you return home.

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