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Featuring COOL DOWN Conjure Oil, Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powders,

Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals, Mojo Bags, Vigil Candles, and Mists!

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COOL DOWN Spiritual Supplies

by Hoodoo Roots are are designed

to be used whenever the temperature

needs to be lowered in any given

situation. Are you dealing with

someone whose anger needs to be

controlled? Is there someone whose

amorous advances are completely

unwelcome? Is a delicate situation

about to reach heated critical mass?

Has that boss or co-worker with the

exaggerated sense of entitlement

been over-exercising their temper?

Do you find yourself needing to con-

trol your own anger and emotions?

Crown and radiance

COOL DOWN was developed to

help you to deal successfully with ex-

actly these types of problems by help-

ing everyone to simmer down, thus

reducing the potential for further con-

flict or unwelcome pressure.

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As always, all Hoodoo Roots products

are entirely natural, made with organic

or conscientiously wild-crafted herbs,

roots, and flowers. We use only the

highest quality essential oils, absolutes,

and ottos (attars) we are able to source

from harvests around the world. Our

carrier oil is pure, pesticide-free jojoba,

which we consider to be the finest carrier

oil available. Jojoba has the unique qual-

ity of resisting rancidity for years longer


than any other botanical oil. Our products

are designed by an herbalist and botanist

with over four decades of experience as a

rootworker and spiritual reader, and many

of our authentic conjure formulas are much,

much older. In all ways, Hoodoo Roots Tra-

ditional Spiritual Supplies are the real deal!

Bathe in COOL DOWN Spiritual Bath

Crystals to immediately help you to reduce

anger and belligerence.


Prepare a COOL DOWN bath for

another person who needs help in chilling out.

Lower left fern

Use a solution of the Washing Crystals in water as a sprinkle in any area

where conflict has a tendency to occur, praying and thinking hard on peace

as you deploy the solution. Do not concentrate on conflict, but rather, on

peace and cool-headedness. (Continued on Page 2)


Purchase COOL DOWN Traditional Spiritual Supplies

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