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Featuring COURT CASE Conjure Oil, Hoodoo Sachet & Dusting Powders,

Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals, Mojo Bags, Vigil Lights, and Mists!

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Hoodoo Roots COURT CASE Tra-

ditional Spiritual Supplies are used

to protect the interests of those who

find themselves entangled with the

court and legal systems.

Dust all of your legal paperwork

with our COURT CASE Sachet Pow-

ders. Focus as you draw the powders

down both sides of every sheet, and

dust a little powder into any envelopes

associated with your case. Tap the

papers and the envelopes to dislodge

any obvious powder, leaving only a

faint, yet effective, trace.

Crown and radiance

Dress brown candles with COURT

CASE Oil and burn them in the time

leading up to and during a court trial

or appearance. When possible, we

suggest that you work with candles

during the nine days prior to your


appearance. Alternately, keep one of our COURT CASE Vigil Candles, which

are already dressed and prepared, burning for this entire time.

Ritually bathe in Hoodoo Roots brand COURT CASE Spiritual Bath and

Washing Crystals. Use the crystals to rinse the clothing you intend to wear for

your court appearance in a solution of the Spiritual Bath Crystals, as well.

Wear your rinsed, dried undergarments inside out on the day you are to ap-

pear in court.


Carry a COURT CASE Mojo Bag during the period leading up to and

throughout your trial or ongoing legal battle.

We sincerely advise anyone dealing with a serious legal situation involving

the court system to hire a professional rootworker to work on their behalf

while they are actually in court for their trial.

Especially when your reputation, heavy fines,

the protection of your loved ones, or your very

freedom are on the line, we believe that you

will be benefited by the additional level of aid

and security that a good rootworker provides.

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Set two dressed brown candles on the floor

by your bathtub. Have them burning as you

bathe using our COURT CASE Bath and Washing Crystals. As you step out of

the bath, walk between these two candles. Do this routinely as you prepare

in order to bolster your chances for a successful legal outcome.

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Purchase COURT CASE Traditional Spiritual Supplies

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