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The Beef-Tongue Spell

There are several methods to help yourself

or another to win in court. One of the most

traditional ways is to work with a beef tongue.

While these are not always found in your local

supermarket, an independent butcher shop

will be able to provide you with one. You may

need to order it, so time yourself accordingly.


Slit the tongue lengthwise, but do not cut it

all the way through either from root to tip nor

from top surface to underneath surface. Still,

make a good deep slit. Into this slit, place the

names of everyone who is involved in bringing

suit against you, including any witnesses, the

opposing counsel, etc. Write each name on a

seperate piece of paper first, and cross each name with a command. “Shut up” is

succinct. Rub COURT CASE or JUST JUDGE oils, or both, into their names, and

then fold their papers away from you before inserting them into the slit tongue.

Crown and radiance

Next, load the slit with the hottest red pepper you can find. Add black pepper,

salt, and alum. If you really want to ramp it up, add diffenbachia leaves, oak gall,

and the fresh (not dried) corm of Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum). Sundew,

a small bog-dwelling carniverous plant, can also be added. Add Court Case Oil and

Just Judge Oil. As you do all of this, tell those names in the tongue that they will not

be able to speak a word against you. Command them to keep their mouths shut.


Then, using new pins, close the slit in the tongue from tip to root. Pin in double-

cross formation. That is, make an X using two pins, then place a third pin parallel

to one of the pins so that each closure looks more or less like this: \X . Nine is the

number used in hoodoo for endings and serious control, so do your best to make

nine double-crosses.


Once the tongue has been pinned shut, my preference is to roll it backwards from

tip to root, as if the tongue is being swallowed. Take a new spool of heavy-duty black

thread and wrap this tightly around the tongue. Secure firmly with nine knots, as

you read the riot act to those whose names you have contained

Burn a black or brown candle down on top of this mess. If you use a taper, wrap

the tongue up in tin foil and a zip-loc bag, and place it in the freezer. If you use a

glass-encased candle, place the tongue in a bowl

or bucket, ice it down, and burn your candle on

top of this. Keep the tongue iced until done.


Keep the tongue frozen until after the trial.

Some people dispose of the tongue into a

freshly dug grave. Others choose to cook the

tongue and have someone at home eating it

while the court is in session. If you plan on

having this done, do not use the sundew, diffen-

bachia, oak gall, alum, or Jack-in-the-pulpit,

or you’ll be very sorry. Stick with salt, red pep-

per, and black pepper. (Continued)

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