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Prepare a Sweetening Jar

Just Judge

Sweetening jars can be prepared for many purposes,

including court case scenarios. A jar should be made

for everyone whom you wish to think well of you who is

involved in your case. You should always create a sweet-

ening jar for the judge. Making one for your attorney

would not hurt, and if you are going to trial before a jury,

sweetening the jury towards you is simply wise.


Although some folks advise throwing everyone’s name

into one jar, we feel that surer results are obtained when

every name is given it’s own little jar, which in essence

is it’s own little spiritual universe. In our rootworking

practice, we have obtained good results using small,

wide-mouth canning jars. These stack easily; three can

usually be stacked and remain stable enough for a glass-

encased candle to be burned down on top of the stack.

That one candle will effect the residents of all three jars

which are stacked underneath.

Crown and radiance
Holy label

Create a Name-Paper

On a small piece of paper, write the individual’s name

nine times. Write their name in a column, one directly

underneath the other, as if you were writing on lined

paper. Use their entire name, first, middle, and last,

or as much of it as you know.


It does not matter what type of paper you use. Brown

paper bags are preferred by many, but others prefer to

use some sort of parchment. In the end, this is fairly

immaterial. It also does not matter whether you tear

the square of paper out of the bag or large sheet, or

whether you cut it. Your purity and focus are what mat-

ter more. We tend to use lightweight brown paper lunch

bags for this purpose, and these have worked well for us.

Court-case label

Turn the paper 90 degrees to the left, and write your

full name directly over theirs, eleven times. Write your

names in a column, one right under the other, completely

covering their column of names. By writing your name in

this way, you exert dominance over them both be-

cause your name is on top of theirs, and because your

name has been written two times more than theirs.

Your name-paper will now look like a grid, or plaid.

You may incorporate a photo of theirs into this work.

Here is an example of how this will look. Alternately, instead of writing your name

over theirs, you may choose to write a command over their name instead. There is

much to recommend this method, and in some types of work it is a preferable approach..


The command should be short, pointed, and exact. Think for a bit about possible

phrases prior to writing on top of their name. When you come upon the right phrase,

it will resonate or vibrate to you, and you will know you have made the right choice.

Next, fold this paper towards you. In other words, the top edge of the paper should

be folded in a direction towards your body, rather than the bottom edge being folded

up and away from your body. As you do this, call the person’s name aloud, and

state what you wish to occur. Tell them exactly how they will now behave. (Con’t.)

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