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Assembling Your Sweetening Jar

Wash your jar and lid inside and out with hot soapy

water. Add a few drops of ammonia as you rinse them

clean. Dry, or allow them to air-dry.

Smoke Reaches the Spirits


Using a natural incense or a plant burned as in-

cense (our preference is the amazing white sage,

Salvia apiana), allow the smoike to enter and surround

the jar and lid. As you do this, pray. The smoke will

purify and dedicate your materials. Also, allow the

smoke to curl around your folded name-paper.

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A Sweet Bed

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Place a bit of sugar into the jar, up to an inch or so.

We think of this sugar layer as the “bed” on which your

work will sweetly rest. Next, place the folded-up name-

paper into the jar. You may now add herbs, if you wish.

Amongst others, we have found tobacco, white sage,

deer’s tongue, Solomon’s Seal. and galangal root to be

most helpful. Add more sugar or any other sweetener

which appeals to you. Honey, maple syrup, molasses,

and Karo syrup are all good choices. Honey is particular-

ly nice and it carries an easily felt, unusually soothing vi-

bration which makes it a natural choice for when things

need to be calmed, but we have also had good success

with various other sweeteners. Pour your sweetener in-

to the jar, completely covering the name-paper, filling

the jar. Your paper will likely rise up in the syrupy

liquid; do not let this trouble you.

Court-case label

Oil, Smoke and Flame

At this point, we add Hoodoo Roots brand COURT


the jar, floating this on the top surface of the sweetener.

COURT CASE is an overall protective formula for those

who must appear in court; JUST JUDGE offers extra

focus on the decision making of the judge; and HOLY

APOSTLES is a general protective and blessing formula

specific to court case situations, particularly those in

which a jury is involved. All may be used singly. To-

gether, they form a very strong shield. All of our

legal formulas are traditional, old-time conjure, and

we recommend them to all who are in need. Though we cannot predict your specific

outcome, we have successfully used these formulas for many, and we believe that our

formulas are the very best of traditional legal spiritual supplies.

This next process is our idiosyncratic practice. We have found it to be helpful,

and we recommend it to you. Light a few leaves of White sage. As you do so, ad-

dress the spirit of the plant. Ask the sage to help your specific purpose. Allow the

smoke to curl around and over your jar and lid. Waft the smoke into the jar, and

close the lid quickly, capturing some of the smoke, which will work on the one within.


Finally, set candles dressed with JUST JUDGE, COURT CASE, and/or HOLY

APOSTLES Oil atop your jar or jars. Brown candles are traditional for legal work,

purple candles add a controlling and dominating vibration, and blue candles are also

sometimes used. (Next: Court case herbs and roots)

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