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Herbs and Roots for Court Case Work

As we’ve noted, preparing a beef tongue to hold

the names of those who are against you, and preparing

a sweetening jar for every person you need to show

you favor, is important in court case work. Don’t feel

that this type of work is as simple as lighting one candle,

because it rarely is. Add in White sage and Solomon’s

seal to the jars of the judge and your lawyer or lawyers,

for these will increase their wisdom and discernment.

Always use Deer’s tongue (Liatris odoratissima) into

work done on your attornies, for this miracle little plant

really does grant eloquence. In our experience, however,

you must include the other herbs and not use Deer’s

tongue alone, as it can loosen their tongues overmuch,

to your detriment. These herbs can be used not only in

their jars, but may also be carefully added to their can-

dles as they are dressed and as they are burning.

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Other court case herbs include Little John to Chew,

which is more commonly known as Galangal root.

This root is in the ginger family. It should be carried

into court with you. Place a bit in your mouth and chew

it while you are there. Traditionally, folks would spit

this on the courtroom floor to turn the tide in their favor.


Tobacco is a heavy conjuring plant which we serious-

ly advise be incorporated into your court case work. To-

bacco can be “fixed” to carry out your intentions. Tobac-

co is regarded by many as the “Chief of the Conjuring

Plants”, and it is very potent. Powder the tobacco (Nico-

tiana rusticana is good and strong, and we advise it, but

commercial tobacco can certainly be used. We are fond

of using American Spirit brand tobacco.) Powder the to-

bacco by hand. Place it in your left hand. Address the

plant respectfully and stir it with your finger while focus-

ing very intently on your need. Visualize a flame burning

in the palm of your hand. You must really see this, not

just lightly imagine it. Spit into the tobacco (cup your

hand and spit into it, or the tobacco will fly everywhere).

Take this powdered tobacco to court with you and sprink-

le it around the room. This can be surreptitiously accom-

plished by putting it into a trouser pocket into which

you have picked a small hole. Put your hand in there,

and manipulate the tobacco so that it falls through the

hole and onto the courtroom floor.

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Black poppy seeds are traditionally scattered in the

courtroom to cause confusion. This may involve losing and misplacing documents,

or various other types of interruptions. Use these in the work you do on your oppon-

ants, as well.


Slippery elm can be used to help to reduce the likelihood that charges brought

against you will stick, and to reduce the ability of the negative things said of you to

stick to you or to stick in the minds of the judge and jury. Though Slippery elm is

the herb most commonly used for this purpose, other mucilaginous plants such as

Marshmallow root may also be used with good effect. These plants help the negatives

to slide down and out without impacting your case. (Next: More herbs, and Psalms)

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