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A Few More Court Case Herbs

Calendula flowers, shown in the photograph below

right, are also a traditional additive to court case work.

Calendula officinalis, commonly known as pot marigold,

is a bright, colorful little flower with rays which range

from golden yellow through deep orange and red. It

blooms late into the fall in many regions, and is often

one of the last bright spots in an increasingly wintry

landscape. These little flowers glow like the rays of the

sun, and encourage a cheerful disposition. Calendula is

used in court case work to help to bring the shining light

of victory to one’s case, and to help to keep spirits up.

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Many traditional workers will advise those dealing

with a court case situation to carry a whole, large High

John the Conqueror root as they prepare for and

during their court appearance or trial. High John is

a root with a near-legendary reputation across the

Southland, and with good reason. High John (Ipomoea

jalap) is a powerful purgative, related to the sweet pota-

to and morning glory family. High John is known as

the Conqueror - it brings luck, increases mastery and

dominance, and adds courage and stamina. In all ways,

it is regarded as increasing one’s good fortune and per-

sonal power. We sincerely advise you to incorporate

High John into the work you do for yourself!

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Working with the Psalms

We suggest that you pray the Psalms as you pre-

pare for your court appearance or trial. It always

surprises us a little when folks ask us which Psalms are

used for which condition or problem, because to us,

the messages contained in each and every Psalm are

clear and beautiful. We sincerely suggest that you

read your Bible and spend some time enjoying all of

the Psalms. These are very old prayers, songs, invoca-

tions, joyful praises, and in some cases curses (for

instance, Psalm 109:8, which is an outright, vicious

curse). Read through the Psalms. It does not take a

great deal of time, because are only 150 of them.

Think of your need, of your condition, and open your

heart as you read. You will be surprised to find that

the right Psalms and verses will seem to leap out at

you; these are the right ones for you to use in your

work. We urge you not to depend only upon that

which others tell you, but to go straight to the source -

your Bible.

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That being said, the Psalms traditionally regarded

as being most effective for Court Case work are Psalm

7 and Psalm 35. Psalm 37 is mentioned as well,

usually in those situations where the individual feels

very persecuted and even hoodooed by the opposition.

(Next: More about the Psalms)

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