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The second Psalm which is heavily utilized for

court case work is Psalm 35. We suggest you pray

this psalm morning and night over the nine days

prior to your court appearance or trial. If you do

not have the time with which to prepare, pray this

psalm deeply, for however long a period you do have.


Dress brown candles with any or all of our trio of

legal formulas. Pray as you dress your candles, pul-

ling the anointing oil towards you as you draw closer

your protection and your victory.

We suggest that you take a series of baths using

Hoodoo Roots COURT CASE Spiritual Bath Crystals,

our JUST JUDGE Spiritual Bath Crystals, or our

HOLY APOSTLES Spiritual Bath Crystals. Each of

these formulas utilizes traditional herbs, roots, and

Crown and radiance

essences long believed to have a positive affect on the outcome of court case situations.

Place two dressed candles on the floor of your bathroom

as you take your spiritual baths. When you have finished your

baths, step out through the “doorway” which the candles form.

As always, spiritual baths are not to be taken with soap, and

you should always allow yourself to air-dry afterwards.

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Dress for court in clothes which have been freshly launder-


Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals into the laundry rinse water.

Dust your body with Hoodoo Roots brand COURT CASE,

HOLY APOSTLES, OR JUST JUDGE Sachet & Dusting Powder,

or a combination of the three.

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Remember to wear your fixed undergarments turned inside

out on the day of your trial. Remember to dress a paper on

which you have written the names of the Twelve Apostles with

HOLY APOSTLES Spiritual Oil. Wrap this around a fresh leaf

of sage, and wear it in your shoe when you go to court. By

doing this, it is believed that as your jury may be comprised

of 12 people, so too you will have the 12 Apostles on your side.

Of course, get the best attorney you are able to. We always

also advise those facing serious charges to hire a trustworthy,

experienced spiritual worker to help them, not only during

the days leading up to your time in court, but during the

actual hours of the trial itself. This is particularly important

if the charges against you are serious.

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One old technique is to gather three pieces of wood taken

from any green tree growing in the cemetery prior to your

trial. Each of these three pieces should then be broken

into two, and all of the wood should be taken to the court-

house. Place one piece in the middle of the front steps of

the courthouse, one on the left, and one on the right of the

front steps. Do the same thing on the rear steps of the court-

house. Then go back to the cemetery. Pray and ask the


dead to please assist you in your court troubles, in the Name of the Lord. We suggest

a payment in thanks, as well; coins and alcohol are traditional. We also strongly be-

lieve that sincere prayers for the dead are deeply appreciated, as well. (Next: Psalms)

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