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It is a core hoodoo belief that there

is an immanent, indwelling Spirit of

the Crossroads which can be petitioned

there, for the opening of doors and op-

portunities, or the closing of doors and

opportunities, or the gaining of gifts,

particularly those associated with

various types of creative talent and

dexterity. Many believe that things

can be done and learned at the cross-

roads which cannot be done or acquir-

ed anywhere else. Throughout history,

in all cultures, the crossroads have

been viewed with respect and at times

with fear, as a mystery is located there

which the sensitive can feel.


Dirt from a crossroads can be in-

corporated into various spells with

good effect, particularly those spells which draw new opportunities or which

involve closing doors.


On April 6, 1939, in Florence, South Carolina, a Root-

doctor named Dr. Ira Vands explained the following

crossroads ritual, designed to turn specific people into

friends, to folklorist Harry M. Hyatt:


“Let 'em walk de road, yo' understand. An' jes' where

she crosses, right in de center [demonstrates], ah'll

take fo' [steps] disaway an' five [steps] disaway an'

back up. (Take four one way and five the other way,

in the shape of a cross and cover it up.)

Dat's right.

(What will that do then?)

Whoseomevah ah'm in contact wit, whethah yo' been

mah enemy, yo'll come tuh be mah fren'.

(That'll bring that spirit out there to be your friend?)

Dat's right. See, he met me dere. He may be off as yo' an' I is off

now, but chure spirit is outside - yore spirit's out dere now.”

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