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Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals, Mojo Bags, Vigil Candles, and Mists!

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Hoodoo Roots brand DREAMING

Spiritual Anointing Oil, Spiritual

Sachet Powders and Spiritual Bath

Crystals are formulated to bring about

an increase in memorable dream ac-

tivity. This formula is very old.


Do you wish to dream of lucky num-

bers, or of which horse to back? Do

you need to communicate with some-

one whom you are unable to reach

through normal waking methods?

Do you need answers or illumination

regarding a particular problem, poten-

tial path, or important choice you have

to make? Dress a candle with Hoodoo

Roots brand DREAMING Oil (we like

pale blue, white, or light purple here).

Specifically and deliberately ask to

dream the answer to your question.

Crown and radiance

Bathe in DREAMING Spiritual Bath Crystals.

Rinse your bedding and your nightgown or pa-

jamas with this solution, as well. Dust your

sheets with DREAMING Spiritual Sachet Pow-

ders. Consider carrying a DREAMING Mojo Bag

with you. Place it under your pillow at night.


Hoodoo Roots brand DREAMING Tradition-

al Spiritual Supplies utilize time-tested roots,

herbs, flowers, and essences in an old formula

which has long been used to help in the develop-

ment of one’s dreaming gift. We trust that you

may find, as others have before you, that our

DREAMING products will help to bring lucky,

informative, and meaningful dreams.

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