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Personally, we believe that dream

dictionaries have relatively little value

as authoritative references. This is be-

cause while there are some universal

symbols, most dream symbols are

meaningful either culturally or on a

purely personal level. Universally,

dreams of water often refer to the emo-

tions, or sometimes to the spirit land

or one’s ancestors. But a dream of a

black cat will have more or less mean-

ing based upon what a black cat means

in the culture you are from, or it will

have specifically have meaning to you

based upon events and circumstances

in your own life. Nevertheless, a dream

book, even a dream dictionary, will

have value to you if you read it before

falling asleep, because it will serve to

focus your mind upon dreaming.

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We would like to advise you to always ask for a specific dream if you are hav-

ing a particular problem or if you have an important and difficult choice to

make and wish to gain insight about it. It may take you a night or two, or even

a week or two to have your

dream, but you will have it.


We believe that there are se-

veral types of dreams. Some

dreams are long, mish-mash

sagas, which seem to make little

sense or have little importance.

Dreams of that nature are usual-

ly more related to clearing your

mind than they are to receiving

significant messages.


Other dreams are more memorable and have

more import. They may contain realizations about

problems you are dealing with or they may help

you to see what the outcome will be, for good or for

bad, of a particular course of action you are consi-

dering. These types of dreams can be most illumi-

nating and can be magnificent time-savers. Often

the help you will request before sleeping will come

in these types of dreams.

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