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Additionally, some people have re-

ceived dreams of specific methods or

medicines to use for their troubles, or

for the illnesses of those in their care.

It is our belief that many of the medi-

cinal plants used for millenia entered

first into our knowledge-base via such


Spirit Markf


Very occasionally, spirit enters our

dreams in a very big way, and bestows

spiritual gifts upon us. These gifts may

be knowledge about which plants to

use, as in the paragraph above. A song

to call specific spirits might be taught

in one of these highly unusual, big

dreams. Critical information about the

future might be given. A spiritual sig-

nature or symbol might be transmitted.

Crown and radiance

These dreams are extremely significant and tend to be blazingly memorable, but

even so, we suggest that you write down or otherwise record each dream at the

moment of awakening. Dreams of this nature are quite rare, and the specific

gift you receive in it may not be offered again. Do everything you can to remem-

ber it fully and accurately.




Some people who have the gift of prophetic

dreaming are uneasy with their ability, particulary

if the dreams they have foretell death or disaster.

But such dreams, or other types of signs which her-

ald similar events, are not, of course, the cause of

what subsequently occurs; they are just a head’s up,

an announcement or notification. I recall a dream

which my mother, who was very mediumistic, once

had, in which she saw an angel come over over a

green hillside on which she and others had gathered. “It is time” said the angel.

stepping stones

I remember my mom relating this to me.

A few days later, a dear friend of hers died.

Where the signs are clear enough to know

whose death is being heralded, dreams of

this nature can allow important commun-

ications to occur. Of course, many precog-

nitive dreams are positive and informative,

and do not deal with death or disaster.


There are other types of “true dreaming”.

Many people have dreams of events which

occur as they are dreaming, or which have

just occured, but of which they have not yet

received notification. (Continued on P. 7)

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