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All sorts of subtle things can in-

fluence our dreams. Cultivate an en-

vironment which expresses peace,

beauty, and quietude. We also like

fresh flowers in the bedroom, and a

minimum of electrical appliances.

Sleeping under too many blankets can

stimulate nightmarish dreams, so use

only as many as you need to be com-

fortable. Wear comfortable, unrestric-

tive nightclothes, or go without if you

prefer. A hot bath or a cup of warm

herbal tea or warm milk before bed

soothes, and will help you wind down

from the stresses of the day so you can

more easily enter sleep and dreamtime.

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Do not make the mistake much of our

culture, which does not value dreaming,

makes. Time spent asleep is not time

wasted. It is vitally important, revitaliz-

ing time during which amazing things

can be accomplished, observed, and en-

joyed. Dreams are not wasted time. In

traditional Cherokee culture, where

dreams are highly valued for their pro-

phetic and spiritual import, the first

conversation of the day is often “What

did you dream last night?”

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If nightmares trouble you, or if you

have a sense of being endangered or

spiritually attacked during the night, we

suggest that you sleep with a clean glass

of water on your nightstand. Dispose of

this every morning, and do not drink

the water. An open Bible on a clean square of white cloth placed under

your bed is protective, as is a colander. An open pair of scissors under your bed

can cut off directed malevolence. Place an uncooked egg on a saucer on your

nightstand after running it

over your head; this egg will

absorb any negativity which

someone with a spiritually

compromised and wicked na-

ture might attempt to delib-

erately plague you with.

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