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Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez,

the physician folk-saint beloved

by the people of Venezuela, is re-

nowned for his effective responses

to those seeeking his miraculous

intercession and spiritual aid.


He is considered to be very kind

and willing to help all those who

appeal to him, especially in matters

relating to healing, illness, medical

treatment, surgeries, medical diag-

nosis, hospitals, physicians, med-

ical students and medical profes-

sionals. Many who love him pray

for his kindly help in other areas

of life, as well, and his fame

grows with every passing day, far

beyond his native land.

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A deeply religious man, Dr.

Gregorio Hernandez was (and is)

known as the Servant of God and

the Doctor of the Poor. In 1919, he

was killed at a crossroads in Cara-

cas. He was just 56 years old.

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In January of 1986, Dr. Jose

Gregorio Hernandez’s spiritual

virtues were formally recognized

by Pope John Paul II. The church

has a rigorous process with which

candidates are evaluated for pos-

sible sainthood. In Dr. Jose Gre-

gario Hernandez’s case, this pro-

cess is still ongoing. Full canon-

ization will be the cause of fervent

celebration amongst the faithful

all over the world, but most espe-

cially amongst the Venezuelan


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