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Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals, Mojo Bags, Vigil Candles, and Mists!

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Hoodoo Roots brand EASY STREET

Spiritual Supplies, also known as EASY

LIFE products, are used to help to ease

tight circumstances and help increase re-

laxation and enjoyment in life. Our

EASY STREET formula contains herbs,

roots, minerals, and pure botanical oils,

which those in the know use to draw to

themselves money, goodwill from others,

and lucky opportunities for increased ease,

money, and enjoyment.


Bathe in EASY STREET Spiritual Bath

Crystals at the break of day, praying for

an all-round easier life. Think about the

goodness that is in store for you; enjoy it

emotionally as you bathe. As this is a spir-

itual bath, no soap is to be used; instead,

use your hands to draw the water up your

Crown and radiance

body, from your fingertips to your shoulders, and from your toes up as well. As

you draw the water upwards, you are drawing new ease into your life. Fully sub-

merge yourself in the bath three times - going under the surface with your head,

face, and hair. As you do this, ask for your blessings “In the Name of the Father,

the Son, and the Holy Spirit”. When you are ready, emerge from your bath. Fill

a container with about a cup of your bathwater and reserve it; you may let the

remainder drain. Allow yourself to air-dry. Pray the 23rd Psalm (”The LORD is

my Shepherd, I shall not want...”), affirming your blessings with sincerity and

gratitude. Dress in clean, freshly laundered clothing, and take your reserved cup

of bathwater to a crossroads. Face the rising sun, and say your prayer; then toss


your bathwater to the center of the intersection. Turn around and go back home

with confidence, knowing that

your blessings are enroute.

Easy Street Couple


Mojo Bag with you to keep

the good life coming. Dust

yourself with our beautiful


ders! Use the Spiritual Bath

& Washing Crystals as a

floor-wash and laundry rinse

to keep that wonderful vibra-

tion around you and your

home at all times. Burn one

of our EASY STREET Vigil

Candles to send up a flare

of petition to the Spirits, for

blessings and an enjoyable,

easy life! Carry our EASY

STREET Mojo-to-Go! every-

where you go. Mojo-to-Go

will conveniently and dis-

cretely fit in your pocket,

and will help you to always

“walk on the sunny side of the street”!

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Purchase EASY STREET Traditional Spiritual Supplies

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