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We recommend that you always

use clear, true colors when you

work with candles, rather than the

muddy, sophisticated shades which

have become popular amongst din-

ner candle (taper) manufacturers

over the past several years. Bright,

intense colors are much less ambig-

uous, magically, than greyish fash-

ion shades. Light blue (and a few

other pale colors) can be very use-

ful for certain purposes, but they

should still be pure, clear and

true, rather than murky shades.

If you like subtler colors, we sug-

gest you wear them rather than

employing them in candle magic.

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Crown and radiance

If you’re using glass-encased

candles, you may wish to glue an

image of the individual you are


working on onto the front and center

of the red candle. If working with ta-

pers, prop their image against the

sweetening jar so you can see their

face as you work. Call their spirit as

you light the red candle, claiming as

you do so that their desire for you is

growing. Light the two pink candles

and proclaim the same. Work with

these candles and their photo for at

least 20 minutes a day. You may eith-

er allow the candles to burn continu-

ously or you can work daily. Wear

FLAME OF DESIRE Conjure Oil as

a personal fragrance while working

and whenever you are around the one

you desire. Providing your relation-

ship has this potential, you will see an

increase in their desire.





Take a FLAME OF DESIRE Spiritual Bath, or prepare one for your partner,

and get ready for a night of love! Add the Washing Crystals to your laundry

rinse when washing your bedding to keep that sexy vibration going! Rinse

undergarments and socks in this formula, as well.

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Blow FLAME OF DESIRE Hoodoo Sachet Powders into the environment in

which you will see the one you want. Dust it on your body, clothes, shoes, and

hands. Use Hoodoo Roots FLAME OF DESIRE to fan the flames of love!

Purchase FLAME OF DESIRE Traditional Spiritual Supplies

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