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Hoodoo Roots brand GABRIEL

Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals

are hand-made and prayed over, as

are all of our products. We have

chosen to use Dead Sea Salts from

the Holy Land in our Spiritual Bath

Crystals. It is our belief that these

extraordinarily mineral-rich salts

make a qualitative difference that

you will be able to feel. All of our

Bath & Washing Crystals contain

real herbs, roots, flowers, and real

essential oils; some contain rare and

costly absolutes and ottos. We are

determined to provide you with

extraordinarily high quality, extraor-

dinarily pure traditional formulas.

As always, we recognize that auth-

enticity matters.

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We have included a drawstring mus-

lin bag with all of our spiritual baths.

Using this is optional, but we have

found that many folks appreciate using

this, as it eliminates cleaning bits and

pieces of herbs and root from their tubs

after their baths. You may rinse and

re-use these bags.


We always suggest that you take your

Spiritual Baths by candlelight, praying

as you do so. As with all Spiritual Baths,

soap is not necessary. Soak, pray, and

visualize the fulfillment of your need.

Submerge three times as you pray for

the change you need, praying for this

in the Name of the Father, the Son, and

the Holy Spirit. Once you are done,

rise from your bath and allow yourself

to air-dry. You may wrap a towel

around your hair, but resist rubbing it

or your body dry. Stay calm, pray, and

truly feel the deep blessing of your bath.

Dress in clean clothing or clean night-

clothes once you are dry.


Using the Bath Crystals as a head,

face, and hand wash can also be a pro-

foundly elevating experience in between

full baths.

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Enjoy using the Spiritual Sachet Pow-

ders, Mojo Bags, and other fine items!

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