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Whew! Who turned up the heat?

You did! Hoodoo Roots brand HEAT

Traditional Spiritual Supplies employ

an old-time formula which will add

force, heat, intensity, pressure, and

immediacy to every spell and to every

formula with which it is paired. Use

HEAT to add a blazing and powerful

dose of pure heat to every working, as

if you’ve lit a dozen more candles!

Crown and radiance

Hoodoo Roots HEAT Spiritual

Products are in the same formula

family as our DO IT NOW and our

POWER product lines. All of these

formulas add strength in different

ways. HEAT is appropriate for any

situation which requires an inten-

sification of warmth and force.

It warms, enlivens, encourages,

and enflames! Useful for many

catgegories of spiritual work, in-

cluding love and romance, career

and finances, and other work as well.

HEAT adds life to your workings in

a most positive way. However, there

are some circumstances, especially

those which involve very delicate

emotional negotiations, or when

working with some who have been

traumatized, for which Hoodoo Roots

HEAT Traditional Spiritual Supplies

may be too hot and forceful. In those

situations, a cooler, more careful,

gentler approach may be more ap-

propriate. But when you need to

warm and to liven things up - and

how! - look no further! Hoodoo

Roots brand HEAT is the one for you!


HEAT naturally pairs well with

bright red candles. Can add a bit

of reckless, devil-may-care delight

to your love work!

Lower left fern

Use with discretion.

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