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is a very traditional hoodoo formula

long employed by those wishing to

strongly enhance their personal power,

luck and success, natural dominance,

strong sexual magnetism, vigor and

stamina, overall vitality, and good cheer.



is a very male formula, adding masculine

power and confidence. However, HIGH

JOHN’s luck-bringing qualities and it’s

overall spirit-strengthening make it a

useful formula for some women as well,

especially those in need of a bit of testos-

terone-swagger, or those in situations in

which they need to feel and project con-

fidence, optimism, and easy-going,

Crown and radiance

natural authority. Carry a HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR Mojo Bag with

you always for luck, success, and happiness. You may keep also place this

on the head of your bed, or place it on your mantle, to bring these vibrations

into your home. Bathe in our HIGH JOHN Spiritual Bath Crystals, and dust

your body, bed, and clothes with the Spiritual Sachet Powders. Carry our

HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR Mojo-to-Go! in your pocket for instant ac-

cess to this authentic, traditional, and effective formula!


HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR can be effectively paired with any of our

other fine formulas. With love formulas such as ROMANCE ME, COME TO

BED, and FLAME OF DESIRE, adding HIGH JOHN will increase sexual ap-

peal, strengthen attraction, and increase the probability that you will in fact

get lucky. With money formulas like MONEY DRAWING and EASY STREET,

HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR is on his home turf, cocky and happy, lucky

and brave! Of course, Hoodoo Roots brand HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR

contains real High John the Conqueror root. You will love it!

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Purchase HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR Traditional Conjure Supplies

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