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HOT FOOT Bath & Washing Crystals, Mojo Bags, Vigil Candles, and Mists!

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Vamoose! Pressure that pest to

leave and never return with Hoodoo

Roots brand HOT FOOT! Our HOT

FOOT recipe is authentic, old-time

conjure. Pests won’t linger long

with HOT FOOT on the job!


Although we always encourage

folks to strive for cordial and neigh-

borly relations with others, we re-

cognize that some people simply

cause too many problems to have

around. In such situations, we

heartily recommend our HOT FOOT

Traditional Conjure Supplies.

Crown and radiance

Dust Hoodoo Roots brand HOT

FOOT Powder wherever the person


who you want to leave lives, works,

or walks. If you are able to, dust

the inside of their shoes and socks

with HOT FOOT.

Prepare a sprinkle using HOT

FOOT Bath Crystals and dampen

the pest’s environment and work

area with this solution. Dress one

red, one orange, and one black can-

dle with HOT FOOT Conjure Oil,

pulling the oil away from you.

We recommend burning these in

an outdoor environment rather

than in your home. You could pre-

pare the candles and leave them

burning on their doorstep!


Dust the imprint their feet left on the ground with HOT FOOT Powder.

Whip their foottracks as you tell them exactly where to go!

Magic Hoodoo
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Purchase HOT FOOT Traditional Conjure Supplies

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