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Hoodoo Roots JINX REMOVAL is a

strong and traditional formula utilizing

herbs, roots, and botanical essences long

recognized as being jinx breakers. Hoo-

doo Roots brand JINX REMOVAL is re-

lated both to our UNCROSSING and to

our ROAD OPENER formulas.


Throughout our years as spiritual

workers, many people have come to us

believing that they have been jinxed. In

many of these cases, after attentively

listening and performing divination,

we determined that they were not so

much jinxed as troubled, sad, habitually

Crown and radiance

discouraged, devitalized, or even

mentally ill. Nevertheless, we

have also seen first-hand genuine

cases where individuals have been

jinxed, cursed, and very wickedly

“thrown for”. JINX REMOVAL

Traditional Spiritual Supplies are

designed to get to the root of the

problem. This authentic hoodoo

formula undercuts confusion,

pain, trouble, and mess to help to free the individual from the results of

evil work, helping them to leave their crossed conditions forever behind.

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When someone is genuinely jinxed, we suggest a series of spiritual baths


with our JINX REMOVAL Spir-

itual Bath Crystals. When we do

hands-on work with such clients,

we always also perform an intense

fumigation of them, using Salvia

apiana (White sage), usually fol-

lowed by an equally intense fumi-

gation with Hierochloe odorata

(Sweetgrass). Far more than a bit

of charming folklore, the smoke

begining to clear

from these plants is profoundly spiritually active, and such fumigations

are very effective treatments. In between baths, we advise that those who

suffer from being jinxed anoint themselves with JINX REMOVAL Spiritual

Oil, touching it to their heads, their foreheads, the napes of their neck,

their breast, their palms, knees,

and feet. Egg cleansings help,

as does using JINX REMOVAL

Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Pow-

der daily. Rinse your bedding

with our Spiritual Bath Crystals.

Keep a blessed crucifix over your

bed. Read Psalm 91 aloud every

day. Above all, believe in God,

the greatest Power of all!

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Purchase JINX REMOVAL Traditional Conjure Supplies

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