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Hoodoo Roots JUST JUDGE

Traditional Spiritual Supplies

utilize an old hoodoo formula

which has long been used to help

those who have become entangled

with the court and legal systems,

for whatever reason. JUST JUDGE

is related to several of our other

formulas, including COURT CASE


JUDGE combines very well with

these formulas.


When dealing with the court

system, all of us are vulnerable

and dependant upon the wisdom,

discernment, and even the good

mood of the judge and jury hea-

Crown and radiance

ing our case. The herbs and roots in Hoodoo Roots brand JUST JUDGE

offer spiritual support and are designed to influence judge and jury to-

wards you, with wisdom and

compassion being stressed.


Of course, good legal counsel

is very important when you

find yourself involved in a

court case. In addition to this,

there are several traditional

hoodoo approaches to court

case work which we recom-

mend to you. One of the most

well-known techniques is the

Beef Tongue Spell.


Other approaches involve the Recitation of Psalms. Psalm 7 and

Psalm 35 are particularly renowned. There are other Psalms which

can be useful as well, including Psalm 4 (”O God, my champion, answer

my appeal; When I was hemmed in, thou has freed me often; be gracious

to me now and hear my prayer...”). (Continue to read specific workings)

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