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Featuring LA VIRGEN DE REGLA Spiritual Oil, Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powders,

Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals, Mojo Bags, Vigil Candles, and Mists!

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A Spiritual Bath

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Our beautiful LA VIRGEN DE

REGULA Spiritual Bath Crystals

are a rich blend of herbs, flowers,

and roots in pure, high quality

Sea salt from the Holy Land.

We have tried all salts, and have

determined that the extraordinary

mineral density in these make a

true qualitative difference. To the

herbs and salt we add the essential

oils and absolutes we use in this

profoundly beautiful formula.

Every bath is prayed over as it is

being made. Before we send our

products home to you, we take them

all a step further, and actually work

them magically. We are determin-

ed to bring you the very best.

Crown and radiance

Anoint blue candles with LA VIRGEN DE REGLA Spiri-

ttual Oil, pulling towards yourself, and burn these

as you bathe. Relax deeply in the candlelight and

fragranced, silky warmth of the water. Pray for

your needs with sincerity. Submerge three times,

getting your head and hair under the water, in the Name

of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. When you are

ready, rise from your bath. Dress in clean night-clothes,

say your prayers, and go to bed. Have faith that your

prayers have been heard.


You may approach La Virgen de Regla for her generous

aid no matter what your circumstances. She is a Mother,

first and foremost, and cares for her children. Those who

ill and suffering may find succor, those who are frightened

may find comfort, and those whose needs are material may

find their circumstances changed and their burdens lightened

by her intercession. She is also considered to be responsive to

women who have trouble conceiving who wish to become mothers

themselves. She is appealed to to normalize women’s cycles.

A Spiritual Sprinkle


Prepare a sprinkle by mixing LA VIRGEN DE REGLA Washing Crystals

with holy water. Use this as a sprinkle in any environment to bring peace-

ful and fruitful blessings. Add the Washing Crystals to your laundry rinse

as you wash your clothing, bedding, altar cloths, etc.

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Using our Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powders

Dust your body, clothes, shoes and bedding with our Powders. Cup the

Powders in your hands and blow them to all directions while you pray as

a finely dispersed, beautiful blessing upon you and yours.

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