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Traditional SPIRITUAL Supplies

Lay Down

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Add a dollop of honey into the jar, on

top of the sugar bed. Place their paper

into the jar, and cover it with honey un-

til the jar is full. Their paper will likely

bob up and rise in the honey; do not let

this trouble you. We suggest that you

actually use honey rather than another

sweetener for this type of calming,

healing work, because honey has a pro-

foundly soothing quality not matched by

other sweeteners. It really is a wonder-

ful spiritual medicine in and of itself.

Crown and radiance

Pour a small amount of LAY DOWN


ing Oil into the jar. We recommend

that you add in some holy water

obtained from church. Depend-

ing upon the individual, other

things may also be added. Rose

flower water is very soothing,

has a pure botanical source, and

can be purchased in Middle-

Eastern grocery stores, some

supermarkets, and gourmet

shops. Adding in a small piece

of camphor is extremely helpful

in many cases. Although the scent of camphor is sharp and dispersing, it

does carry the vibration of deep cleanliness. This soothes many people,

as the scent of clean sheets which were dried in the sun and wind soothes

children being tucked in for the night. It affirms a sense that God is in

His heaven, and all is right with the world; things are in order, and rest is

now possible.

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Mindfully, burn white sage (Salvia apiana) around the jar, waft it into

the jar, and close the lid. Dress a light blue candle with LAY DOWN YOUR

TROUBLES AND REST Spiritual Oil, and burn this down on top of the jar.

Over this jar and candle, pray the 23rd Psalm, then Psalm 131, followed by

Psalm 23 once more. That person will be helped.

Bathing in LAY DOWN YOUR TROUBLES Spiritual Bath Crystals,

and using these to rinse laundry and bedding, as well as to wipe down

surfaces in the home, is very helpful. Dust LAY DOWN YOUR TROUBLES

Spiritual Sachet Powders on yourself and your sheets, and blow these to

all directions in your environment. You will find peace and be able to rest.

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