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Get them to Pony up! PAY ME by

Hoodoo Roots is an authentic, old-time

conjure formula which utilizes herbs,

roots, and pure botanical essences in a

classic combination designed to pressure

your recalcitrant debtors to keep their

financial promise to you.


Our PAY ME product line (including

PAY ME Conjure Oil, our fine herb, root

and flower Spiritual Sachet & Dusting

Powders, Spiritual Bath & Washing

Crystals, as well as our custom Mojo Bags,

Vigil Candles, and Mojo-to-Go!) is re-

lated to our BEND OVER, TRUTH COM-

PELLING, and DO IT NOW formulas.

Crown and radiance

Bathe in the Spiritual Bath Crystals

At dawn, prepare a bath for yourself.

Add PAY ME Spiritual Bath Crystals, stirring in a clockwise fashion, into

your bath water,or if you prefer, place the Crystals into the enclosed muslin

bag and submerge it into your bath. Relax into your tub. Pray. See yourself

receiving what you need. Draw the bath water up your body from toes to

head, fingertips to shoulders. Fully submerge three times, getting your hair

and head under the water. As you do so, ask for help in your situation, in the

Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. When you are ready, rise

from the tub. Allow yourself to air dry, then dress in freshly-laundered cloth-

ing. Carry a cup of your bath water to a crossroads, and stand facing the

rising sun. With faith and prayer, toss out your bathwater into the center of

the crossroads. Then turn around and go back home, putting all worry out of

your mind. Splash your tub with a little ammonia and rinse it clean.


Anoint Candles with PAY ME Oil

Purple candles are commonly used to apply pressure. Dress a purple can-

dle with PAY ME Conjure Oil, drawing the oil smoothly towards yourself.

Place this on top of an image of the person whose repayment you need.


Get Paid in Full
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