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You may also use a purple

glass-encased candle dressed with

PAY ME, upon which you have glued

an image of the individual in question.

Burn your candle down as you declare

that what is owed now returns to you.

Pay Me label

Working with a PAY ME Lamp

A good alternative to burning a can-

dle is to work with an oil lamp. Pre-

pare a name paper for the person you

need to influence, writing their name

nine times. Turn the paper 90 degrees,

and cross their name with a clear com-

mand written eleven times. One such

command might be “Pay Me Now”.

Pin their name-paper to the lamp wick.

Fill the lamp with lamp oil. To this,

Crown and radiance

you should add in some PAY ME Conjure Oil. Herbs and roots can also be

added into the lamp. We suggest a mixture of money-drawing and domin-

ation herbs. If you prefer not to burn your bridges with the person who

owes you, we suggest that you add a little sugar into your lamp as well.

This will incline them towards you and soften their hearts a little bit. One

real advantage to working with lamps is that they can burn continuously

for a very long period of time; you simply add more fuel. They also tend

to be a comparatively safe, stable way of working with fire. Burn your lamp

as you talk to an image of the person. Slide their image under the lamp

in between your periods of direct work, but keep the lamp going until you

have been fully repaid.


Using PAY ME Spiritual Sachet Powders

Apply PAY ME Spiritual Sachet Powders to your body. Focusing on

your intent, cup the powders in your hand and blow them to the direction

in which the person who owes you lives. Blow them to all directions in your

own home. Make a name-paper for the person you are working on, rub

PAY ME Conjure Oil into their name, and place their paper in your left

shoe. Add a dusting of PAY ME Spiritual Sachet Powders and remember

to tap your foot on their name whenever you interact with them in any way

until they have made good on their debt. Dust any paperwork involved in

your loan as well as anything you give or send to the person. We are con-

fidant that you may soon find that that debt will be Paid In Full!

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