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We suggest that you follow full spir-

itual bath protocol when preparing to

do spellwork for a promotion. Very

early in the morning, draw a bath for

yourself. Stir PROMOTION Spiritual

Bath Crystals directly into your tub

using a clockwise motion, or pour the

salts into the muslin bag which we

have enclosed for your convenience in

your bath salts envelope. Dress a

golden yellow or an orange candle with

Hoodoo Roots brand PROMOTION

Conjure Oil, pulling the oil smoothly

towards yourself as you think hard on

being promoted. You may also, of

course, set a PROMOTION Vigil Can-

dle on your bathroom counter. Say a

Crown and radiance

heartfelt and focused prayer for your success,

and light your candle. Get into the bathtub.

Relax, pray, and visualize. Pull the water up

your body from toes to head, fingertips to

shoulders. As you pull the doctored water

towards you, you are drawing your promo-

tion nearer and nearer. Fully submerge three

times as you ask for your blessing to come to

you, in the Name of the Father, the Son, and

the Holy Spirit. Rise from your tub, and al-

low yourself to air dry. Dress in clean clothes

and carry one cup of the water from your bath

with you to a crossroads. Stand facing the

rising sun, say your prayer and declare your

blessing is coming to you. Dash the cup of

water into the crossroads. Turn around, go back home, and know that it is

done. “Don’t look back” is a phrase often applied to this ritual. This means,

in essence, that you have done what you have done. Do not fret or second-

guess yourself. Let the spell work without prodding or poking at it with worry

or indecision. Move forward strongly and in faith, and your good will manifest!



Prepare a solution of PROMOTION Washing Crystals and use these to

sprinkle your work environment as you focus on your desire for a promotion,

increased appreciation of your contributions, and more money. Wipe down

your desk and personal area, and use the solution as a sprinkle in areas where

your boss works, in common areas, in board rooms or conference rooms, etc.

Do so carefully and subtly especially if your company has camera monitors.



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Dress all paperwork which higher-ups may touch or read with PROMOTION

Spiritual Sachet Powders. Dust yourself, your clothes, and your shoes as well.

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