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Featuring PROMOTION Conjure Oil, Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powders,

Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals, Mojo Bags, Vigil Candles, and Mists!

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Keep a PROMOTION Mojo Bag

with you while you are working for this

purpose. If you are up for a perfor-

mance review or are going to negotiate

for a raise, do everything you can to

increase your chances for success, in-

cluding implementing all of our sug-

gestions for a PROMOTION Spiritual

Bath, the use of the Washing Crystals

and our Spiritual Sachet & Dusting

Powders. We also suggest that you

keep Hoodoo Roots PROMOTION

Mojo-to-Go! with you in your pocket

or purse, in order to have continuous

convenient access to this fine formula.

Remember to dress all paperwork, and

keep your eyes on your goal!

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We sincerely advise that you develop a relationship with your ancestors,

for they are your family, your blood kin on the other side, and they can help

you with many things. Do your very best, stay focused and intent. Work at

your highest level and do not slacken.

Move ahead in all ways you are able,

but also ask for their help and their

blessing. We suggest that you consider

making an ancestor altar for your loved

ones in spirit. Fresh clean glasses of

water, a candle, fresh flowers all help to

facilitate communication between you

and your family members who have

passed. Keep everything clean and

spend time speaking with them every

day. Do your best to communicate

your appreciation of them. Communi-

cate news from your life and from the

rest of your family at this altar. Treat

this altar as a sacred space. Do not

take your ancestor altar or your ances-

tors for granted. Once you have shown

love and care to them over a period of

time, you may ask for their blessing in

ventures like your quest for a promotion. We have been spiritual workers

for several decades, and some of our most spectacular results in magic have

involved asking the deceased family members of our clients for their aid

and blessing in the work we did for their kin. Situations which have long

been stuck and unlucky can turn around most dramatically with their help.

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Purchase PROMOTION Traditional Conjure Supplies

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