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Featuring REVERSING Conjure Oil, Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powders,

Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals, Mojo Bags, Vigil Candles, and Mists!

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Hoodoo Roots brand REVERSING

Traditional Spiritual Supplies, includ-

ing our authentic Conjure Oil, our Spir-

itual Sachet & Dusting Powders, Spir-

itual Bath & Washing Crysals, Mojo

Bags (spells inside of easily carried

bags), our dressed, blessed Vigil Can-

dles, and our convenient Mojo-to-Go!

all are made according to an old-time,

very traditional hoodoo reversing



Has someone been trying to hurt

you? Is wicked magic being used a-

gainst you by an enemy? Have they re-

vealed their evil nature in an occult

attempt to harm or dominate you?

Crown and radiance

If this is the case, and simple cleans-

ing, protection and prayer have not

stopped them, we suggest that you waste no time in using our REVERSING

line of spiritual products. Hoodoo Roots REVERSING is designed to swiftly

interfere with the malevolence that the wicked originate and direct towards

you. REVERSING turns their work into a boomerang which reverses course,

and returns back to them every bit of trouble and unkindness they sent to you.

Antique Scandinavian postcard of a witch from our private collection

A very skillful worker who means

you ill would be able to make things

occur without your being alerted or

aware until things blow up in your

life. However, most workers tend to

be more obvious, and even may want

you to know that they are big, bad,

mad at you, and doing their best to

be the source of your troubles.


Oftentimes this type of negative

work involves candle-burning on an

image of you, or on your name. It can

be considerably more involved. The common result is an unnatural sense of

of pain and pressure in the head, along with dizziness. This is usually coupled

with your awareness that an unscrupulous person is angry at you, or considers

you a rival of some sort, and wants you out of the way.

Don’t be alarmed, but do take action immediately to cut short their non-

sense. Be methodical and calm. Simply work and you will find yourself free of

the effects of their malevolence in short order.


One classic and effective method of reversing wicked occult work is to burn

a reversible candle. These candles come in different colors and styles. All

have black halves, but some are paired with white (for general reversal work),

some with green (to reverse financial and career curses), and some with red

(to reverse love curses). Some are stout taper-like candles, one color from the

wick to the middle of the candle and the other from the base to the middle.

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Purchase REVERSING Traditional Spiritual Supplies

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