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ROAD OPENER is a traditional

hoodoo formula containing herbs

and roots which have long been rec-

ognized by spiritual workers as being

able to swing open doorways and to

open up roads, situations, and oppor-

tunities. Hoodoo Roots brand ROAD

OPENER is very useful, not just when

roadblocks have been frustrating you,

but whenever you embark upon a new

venture, a new course of study, or a

new project of any kind, including

spellwork for any purpose. When

you decide to seek new love or to

begin a new relationship, our authen-

tic ROAD OPENER Conjure formula

will help to click all traffic lights to

Green!” and will help speed your

way to your goal!

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Hoodoo Roots ROAD OPENER Spiritual Supplies, including our traditional

Conjure Oil, our fine herb, root, and flower Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Pow-

ders, our Spiritual Herbal Bath & Washing Crystals, custom Mojo Bags, Vigil

Candles, and Mojo-to-Go! are in the same formula family as our New Orleans-

Style VAN-VAN and BLOCK BUSTER product lines. They are also related to

our ST. PETER and CROSSROADS formulas and our 13-Herb Herbal Bath.

Green Light


Some spiritual workers and rootworkers

choose to work by the moon. This is not the

most common way of working, but there are

folks who abide by it. Others simply do what-

ever work needs doing when it needs to be

done. Those who use lunar timing generally

begin spells done for growth and increase in

that time between the first crescent moon and

the full moon, a period of about two weeks.

They will use the period between the full and

the dark of the moon - the waning moon - for

work done to decrease, end, or push something

or someone away. Some traditionalists use

that day or so when the moon appears to be

completely dark to do specific spells for end-

ings, while others choose not to work on either

the full or the dark of the moon at all. But

overall most traditional workers do their

work when conditions demand something be

done. If you feel that working with the phase

of the moon would give you a helpful tail-wind

but your situation is clamoring for immediate

work not consistent with the current phase of

the moon, we suggest that you time the start

of your work by the clock. (Continued...)

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