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Hoodoo Roots RUTA Traditional

Spiritual Supplies, including RUTA

Conjure Oil, Spiritual Sachet &

Dusting Powders, Spiritual Herbal

Bath & Washing Crystals, Mojo

Bags, dressed Vigil Candles, and our

Mojo-to-Go!, all offer a traditional

formula which protects us from the

evil eye, whether sent deliberately

or unintentionally. Use our RUTA

formula to anoint apotropaic charms

(charms used to ward off evil),

hansa hands (middle Eastern eye-

in-hand charms), blue eye beads,


Crown and radiance

Our RUTA Spiritual Products

all contain rue, an herb with a long

history of use in various cultures

for protecting individuals from the

harm that the evil eye can do. Rue

sprigs are sometimes found in metal charms, usually silver, to be worn about

the neck for protection. Our RUTA formula does not contain rue alone, but

several protective herbs in a traditional anti-evil-eye formula. Rue is also used

against the lingering condition of spiritual fright called Susto; in such cases

an infusion of rue is added to the bath. Copal is often burned simultaneously.


Add RUTA Conjure Oil to white candles which can be burned around an

image of the person who has been afflicted. Dress protective amulets and

charms with RUTA Oil to increase their efficacy. Consider anointing an apo-

tropaic charm such as a hansa hand with RUE Oil and pinning it to your

baby’s bed, safely out of reach. Use Hoodoo Roots RUTA Oil to draw a

cross upon small mirrors which should then be affixed to the outside of your

house. Silver and RUTA are natural companions, as both are strong and

traditional protectors. Enjoy this Herb of Grace formula in all of it’s forms!

Sprinkle RUTA Spiritual Sachet Powder around your environment, or blow

it to the four directions in your home. Wear the Powders when you must

work with or otherwise be around the jealous and surly. Remember to trust

in God, take your spiritual baths, and stay on the high road yourself.


Purchase RUTA Traditional Spiritual Supplies

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