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Good Saint Joseph, the husband

of Mary and the step-father of Jesus,

is the quintessential protector of the


Although Joseph could certainly

have shunned Mary and shamed her

for her out-of-wedlock pregnancy,

he did not. Instead, he accepted the

astonishing revelation of his Spirit-

given dream. When the angel came

to him in dream to tell him of Mary’s

purity and authenticity, and that she

had found great favor with God and

was to bear the Christ child, Joseph

believed. He willingly shouldered

responsibility for the care of his new

family with maturity, humility and

tenderness. Saint Joseph sets an in-

spirational example for every man.

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Saint Joseph is the Patron Saint of

carpenters and craftsmen; of expectant

mothers, unwed mothers, and all unborn

babies; of orphans, step-children, famil-

ies and fathers; of the needy and the

homeless; of travelers, immigrants, and

house-hunters; of laborers and working

people; of pastry-chefs and bakers; of

the Roman Catholic church, and of many

peoples, cities and lands the world over.


St. Joseph was sorely troubled when

he learned that his bethrothed, Mary,

was with child. He prayed deeply for

guidance and received an angelic visita-

tion. Joseph’s immediate and unhesi-

tating response to this qualified him as

the Patron Saint against hesitation

and doubt. Finally, he is invoked on

behalf of the dying, that they may

be blessed with a peaceful death.


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